I tried developing ESP32-based smartwatch programs and I can't say I like it

Code repository: https://github.com/bctnry/TTGO_TWatch_Confetti

It seems to be a very bad idea to just dive in for someone who had zero experiences in microcontrollers before. I was lucky to complete something barely usable in just one evening. Won't consider doing anything similar in the near future - got other stuff to do.

Jesus Christ I can't find the docs

No display docs

The program uses something called TFT_eSPI, which is a library used to control TFT LCD screens in some Arduino-compatible systems. TWatch has lvgl lib support as well but I wanted something quick & this is the most direct way to put stuff on the screen. To bad the library does not have any documentation so I have to search for header files and take guesses. Definitely simpler (at least for what I wanted to do) than trying to figure out how to do GUI in plan9, but still not a plesant experience.

No machine docs

The TWatch library repo does not contain anything about the API itself. Maybe it's just because me being a webshit does not know how embed dev works but it's still annoying.