To be precise Escape is not one but (at least) two blogging software - Escape and SecondEscape - that I've written for my own use.

Escape was written in PHP in 2017 and started out as some kind of diary software that was intended to run locally & never exposed to the Internet. It can be downloaded from here. I forgot the exact date I started working on Escape - I believe it was in the middle of summer vacation in 2017. The earliest date on github says Christmas but that's because I've accidentally uploaded my password and I have to delete the whole git revision history. (Never use your personal password for testing.) The code is really bad, I was not experienced enough to handle this kind of complexity properly back then.

SecondEscape was written in last year with JavaScript. I remembered I worked frantically on it for days and then suddenly lost all the steam. (People says it's a trait of ADHD but I never got a proper diagnosis.) It can be downloaded from here.

I was planning to start working on Escape3 but this kind of project is of no fun and I would really like to stop doing all the chore all over again, so there probably won't be Escape3.