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I do not know people actually uses this term! According to this site:

It's karma that's comprised of patterns and beliefs, wrongdoings and rightdoings and middle-of-the-road doings, committed to and by our ancestors. That karma doesn't just stay with them, however. Due to the nature of generations - mother and father to daughter and/or son, and so on - it's passed down very much as with genetics.

The ancestral karma in auntology is quite different from this though.

Ancestral karma in auntology

Ancestral karma (cn-simp. 祖父学, lit. "Grandfather theory") is the idea that who you are and where you are right now largely (if not wholly) depends on who your ancestors are and what your ancestors have chosen to do. For example:

Sometimes another term 路径积分 (lit. "path integral") is used with similar meanings, i.e. all the choices ("paths") your ancestors have taken sums up ("integral") to be the baseline of your situation.