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NOTE: This is not about programs written in the B programming language.

You’ve heard of B-game; get ready for B-program.

B-program: programs that are quickly written for a specific context / fulfill a certain requirement which is often temporary.

Sometimes perform the tasks manually can be more efficient than writing a B-program & complete the task with the program; but that’s totally okay.

Using shell commands can be seen as writing B-programs, e.g. using the command ls is the same as “quickly write a program that lists the files & directories of the current working directory"; using the command cd is the same as “quickly write a program that changes the current working directory”. In this sense, shells can be seen as live coding environments, and live coding environments (even those of the “non-shell” languages, e.g. Python/TCL/Smalltalk) can be adapted as shells.

- Description of B-programs, 2020.9.20

The criteria for a programming language to be a B-program programming language

Fast. I mean in "writing" speed, not execution speed.

Languages that (has the potential to) enable B-program programming