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The phenomenon which, when happens, puts you in a scenario where you're forced to select, stay inside of or contribute to certain software ecosystems due to situational requirements, previous decisions or other reasons. Most of the time, it exists alongside with other issues together as something people called the "technical debt".

from a mad rambling of the man behind this wiki:, you see, a big part of the problem with "choosing a language" or choosing anything is that it's hard to pull yourself out after you've choosen one of 'em. People been saying it's not a language you're choosing, it's the whole scene of people using it, making stuff with it and writing libraries with it, not only most of the time you're stuck with what this scene has to provide, sometimes you also have to invest, you have to write your own library and stuff, and when you decide that you want to move onto another platform you have to redo all your stuff and it's a pain in the ass ... yet sometimes you have to admit defeat, because the cost of making your own is way too high, and you get people calling you stupid or maniac or, in the most polite case, old-fashioned...