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Back in the olden days when Internet was truly the way to connect people from all over the world instead of whatever the heck we have right now, geocities, a free hosting provider, was *the* place for new Internet users to create their own websites.

While the natural urge by some would be to let GeoCities sink into obscurity and death, leaving nothing in its wake but bad memories and shudders of recognition at endless "under construction" GIFs, the fact remains that GeoCities was for millions of people the first experience dealing with the low-cost, full-color, world-accessible website and all the possibilities this contained. To not at least have the option of browsing these old sites would be a loss of the very history of the web from the side of the people who came to know it, not the designers who descended upon it. For that reason, Archive Team thinks GeoCities is worth saving.

People been saying Web 2.0 is the beginning of the era of user-generated content. Don't be joking. The days of geocities are the days when (almost) everything you see is user-generated content before everyone moved into corporate-owned walled garden.

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