2021.1.10: i try to reduce the size of background pictures. have to reduce to 2 colors for pictures this big with this much details. having no color whatsoever is a big shame, even if some of them still turned out to be okay. some of them turns out to be very "gray" as if it's indicating me having some kind of mental emotional issue. it's not like i have any of that recently, please don't be worried.

"can't you just remove the pics?" you might ask. content-wise you're right, but i'd rather have them here. all tech guys's homepages, they're either very plastic-y with plastic-y colorful svg geometric shapes, or very cold with almost no warmth of a living human being whatsoever. i really don't want any of that.

all background pics are carefully chosen btw, e.g. the background pic of "Projects" page is a picture of a sculpture i took back in GDUFS in 2015. it's a sculpture for teaching fine art in a school, pretty suitable for the "Project" theme i think.

i do have an affection for vibrant colors, especially the ones that induces nostalgia for me, so having to remove them truly is a great shame. (the original pics can still be accessed though; change the b in the urls to x and you can see them). with no color i can feel almost no warmth; black & white pictures are probably the coldest thing you can have as decoration. but i can't force everyone visiting this website to download 300~400kbytes of my personal taste, so here we are.