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2023.1.15: Font update. »
2022.12.5: The gemini server is back on.
2022.9.24: Moved to new server. »
2022.8.9: Update style for NetSurf support.
2022.7.29: Added wiki.
2022.6.30: Big changes to the design. This one should have enough punch. Other pages will be slowly adapted into this.
2021.11.3: Due to a hard disk failure the PGP public key has to be deprecated. Please remove the pubkey with fingerprint 9364 0D46 2FD1 F41E 109F E669 DE23 3BCE DE74 E2F4 in your database.
2021.8.10: Didone for the win!
2021.6.20: fixed the style a little to be more retro-ish. inspired by rio from plan9.
2021.5.17: is no more. »
2021.2.18: rss feed is now online.
2021.1.16: the guestbook is no more. i took it down. »
2021.1.10: i try to reduce the size of background pictures by using less colors. »