(Most of the thing I do are sketches, which are made to test things out or be a proof-of-concept rather than a full-blown project so most of the time I got barely anything to fill my CV. But tell me - will it make you happy if I fill it with "modern web app" ripoffs that a single person can churn out one every single month? That certainly can't spark joy in anyone unless they're some weird kind of masochist, can it?)


Camus: A humble markup language
Mini16: A 16-bit x86 Hobbyist Operating System
Project Gemini related stuff
Plan 9 related projects can be found here.


The Chifir Virtual Machine
Pre-2020 side projects

Art(-related) Projects

Reviving «Into Infinity» (link) (github repo)
Scheele's Gate (zh-cn)

Misc. Projects

A few bitmap fonts I've made for different side projects.