I seriously need to learn how to dedicate to one single project and finish the goddamn thing...

Projects & Quasi-Projects

Crimson: (Currently) A lexer generator
Flowmark: A text macro language
Camus: Markup language for personal knowledge base
Mini16: A 16-bit x86 Hobbyist Operating System
OpenIndented Markup Language
Project Gemini related stuff
Plan 9 related projects can be found here.
Basis Antiqua: Oberon Chifir CHAI
Reconstructing Early Chinese Computers
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List in HTML
Pre-2020 side projects

Non-Tech Writings & Art(-related) Projects

Reviving «Into Infinity» (link) (github repo)
Remnants of FCAC: Scripts for art
Scheele's Gate (English) (Mandarin)
A few poems I've written over the years

Misc. Projects

A few bitmap fonts I've made for different side projects.
Etoria Alphabet
FCAC Modern: A Geometric Sans-serif Font
FCAC粵語白話字 FCAC Cantonese Romanization
Mainland China Covid-19 PCR Test Online Simulator
Fediring icon (self-made)
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IndieWeb Webring icon (self-made)
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