I did a few stuff before 2020. 2020 is one big life-changing year for me (and for a lot of people) so I think it's fair to draw a line between pre-2020 me and post-2020 me. Now, I have to say I'm not the kind of guy who can complete a high quality side-project at any given time; I have a whole bunch of ideas & half-completed projects at a lot of places and because of my conditions the ones I ever completed are either (1) the ones I *have* to complete (like course projects in uni) or (2) the ones that can be completed in 3~4 days.

Satre (2019)

A minimal static site generator that generates HTML for a whole set of inter-linked Markdown file. Custom style is possible through manualy specifying HTML preamble/postamble files. I didn't use it for my current blog though; I completely forgot about it after I finished.

Git repository on GitLab
minilisp (2019)

A tiny LISP-like functional programming language written in Python 3.

The original blog post
Source code
CodeRunner (2019)

School project. A very crude online IDE which also provides its user storage space. Kinda like a repl.it ripoff.

Git repository for backend & admin panel on GitLab
Git repository for frontend on GitLab
Haskell/0 (2019)

School project. An interpreter of a small lazy functional programming language. Basically the same language described in SPJ92 with a slightly different syntax. There's a "report.pdf" in the docs directory but that's not complete - I probably have the completed report somewhere on my old laptop but I'm too lazy to find it.

Git repository on GitLab
TsubasaReader (2018)

School project. An RSS/Atom feed reader for Android. Runs on Android 4.2+ I think.

Git repository on GitHub
Software Foundations Chinese Translations (as Sebastian Lin, 2015~2018)

I was part of the translation team. We got the permission back when there's only one single Software Foundations book which later divided into volume 1 & 2, so we didn't translate anything in the Software Foundations series beyond that.

Online Version, HTML
rkt2html (2016)

A small utility to convert Racket source code into syntax-colored HTML file. Written in Racket.

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