So I set up a new server again. (still on Vultr though. If for whatever reasons you want to support me you can register through this[1] or this link and buy some stuff from them). The old is now pointing to because for whatever reasons there are crawlers keep crawling my public repo and like hell I would waste my server resource on their nasty bot requests so 127.0.0.l it is.

I took down the background images. Currently thinking about how to make the design more jazz.

Ditched gitea for cgit with gitolite, which aren't nearly as troublesome to set up as I've thought. It's better this way if you don't need web-based user management.

[1]: The first link gives you $100 credit for free but you need a credit card or Paypal and it's only valid in 14 days (after 14 days everything not used from this $100 credit would be gone) so it may not be the best deal for you...