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What is plan9?

An operating system from Bell Labs that was supposed to replace UNIX. "was supposed" because that never happened in the past almost 3 decades after its first release, and it probably never will because us humans are the kind of animals that are content with what they've already got.

Do I want to use it?

No. Probably not. I play with it for fun because I am that kind of freak who will work on vacations because I do not have a life and I've got nothing better to do. If you are anything that resembles a リア充, you probably wouldn't want to waste your time on this. But if you really do, kudos to you, and I hope that you find this page (at least somewhat) useful.

Okay so I'm ready to jump into the rabbit hole. Which distribution should I use, 9front, 9legacy or the original 4th edition? Is 9liberty also a distro?

I uses 9legacy because the original version has its warts when under VirtualBox and 9front has strayed away too far from the original so the original documents might not apply.

9liberty is not a distro, at least for now. It may be in the future, though.

I've heard that you can have plan9 on a Raspberry Pi.

I've also heard about it, and someone do use plan9 on an RPi. I do have a RPi but I never tried it. I work with plan9 inside VirtualBox on x86 machines, can't help you with that one, sorry. But most software distributed in source form should be able to compile just fine without modification.

I've run into some problems. I searched for hours but can't find sh*t.

I had the same experience as well. Visit the 9liberty lifebuoy page to see if you have the same problem as I did.